Eddie & Terry Hill with the WJKS String Band

Husband and Wife harmony duo Eddie and Terry Hill, along with the WJKS String Band, bring you traditional Bluegrass (Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs), Mountain Gospel (Carter Family) and Country (Hank Sr.) music that you may not hear on the radio these days.


Originally formed with the goal of providing uplifting entertainment to elder care and assisted living facilities, this energetic musical outfit is now also playing public events and festivals with that same goal.  The name “WJKS” comes from the call letters of a radio station that the father of Bluegrass music, Mr Bill Monroe, who once had a live radio spot doing Bluegrass and Gospel music.  The call letters “WJKS” were an acronym for “Where Joy Kills Sorrow”.  Music brings joy and the WJKS String Band is a sure bet to bring a smile to your face and a pep to your step!

WJKS String Band

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