Shelton Taylor

A Singer-songwriter, Shelton Taylor, was born in a small town in Texas. In November of 2014, Shelton posted his first singing video online. Within four years, he had accumulated over 25 million views on his instagram videos alone. At the age of 16, Shelton was offered a record deal from Centricity Music, which he turned down. He would later go on to sing the National Anthem at 6 different NBA games, and many more pro sport events. In 2019, Shelton advanced to the top 40 on American Idol. Today, Shelton’s music exudes a unique and diverse blend of vulnerable & yet striking songwriting which can compare to top-chart artists such as the Weeknd, Tame Impala & Daniel Caesar. Unlike most, Shelton writes, produces and sings all of his own music. Shelton’s first single, Breaks Just Right was tracked, recorded & produced in his car at 3 A.M. He released the dreamy, post-70’s Dance Pop song in December of 2020.